Schedule a Haircut for Your Trees

Schedule a Haircut for Your Trees

Count on Lester’s Tree Service in Tyler, Longview, and Bullard, TX, to enrich your shrubbery

Just as you cut your hair on a regular basis to get rid of split ends, you need to trim and prune your trees to help them grow correctly and live healthy lives. When the trees in your yard grow in the direction you desire, you don’t have to worry about limbs threatening your home.

While you sit back and relax, we’ll provide comprehensive pruning services, including:
• Garden pruning
• Maintenance pruning
• Structural pruning

Pruning is for more than shaping your shrubs. It keeps disease and damage away from your trees. Eliminate the possibility of infection. Get in touch with us immediately to start regular pruning services in the Tyler, Longview, and Bullard, TX areas.

Keep your trees infection-free

Let us go out on a limb for your trees. Our goal is to keep your trees alive and growing strong. Pruning should be done on a regular basis to help your trees stay lush. While pruning, we pay careful attention to cutting back:
• Tips
• Branches
• Limbs
• Stems

By pruning these areas, you can prevent the spread of pests and diseases that enter through dead wood and broken branches.

Schedule an appointment with us today to start your pruning maintenance in Tyler, Bullard or Longview.