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Tree Removal

Do you have dead or dying trees in your yard? Or are you clearing space for a new pool or to expand your yard? This is a great time to consult a professional on what trees should be removed and how it is going to be done. Lester's Tree Service specializes in removing trees safely and effectively without damaging your home or property. We can remove trees in large open plots as well as small enclosed spaces that may be putting your home in danger.

Call Lester's today and we'll send someone out shortly to evaluate your situation and provide you with a quote.

Tree Pruning and Maintenance

Just like you need a haircut, your trees need to be trimmed and maintained to keep them healthy and happy. Pruning is not only good for the health of the tree, but pruning on a regular basis can help keep your trees in control. Keeping control of your trees will allow you and your family to enjoy the shade and protection that they offer without having to worry about them being a danger to your home.

Our pruning services include:

  • Garden pruning (for ornamental trees and shrubs)
  • Maintenance pruning
  • Structural pruning

Stump Grinding

Have you removed a tree yourself or had a tree removed a while ago? You've probably been left with a stump that is not going anywhere fast. Lester's Tree Service provides a stump grinding service like no other. Because of the intricacy of root systems, the stump can be the hardest part of the tree to remove. No matter the size or location we can take it on. Call Lester's today to set up a time when our team can come out and remove your unwanted stump.