Leave Tree Removal to Tyler, Longview, and Bullard, TX, Tree Care Professionals

The grass is greener when you work with Lester’s Tree Service

Preparing to expand your yard? Wanting to add a pool? Noticing your tree is decaying? Sometimes tree removal is an important step when it’s time for home improvement.

Hire us for our quality contractors who:
• Safely remove your unwanted trees
• Work efficiently to meet your needs
• Can take on your large or small plots
• Won’t damage your property in the process

Call us today for a contractor to evaluate your yard right away. We serve Tyler, Bullard and Longview, TX.

Trust us to efficiently grind your stump away

Have you ever removed a tree? You were probably left with a pretty large safety hazard. Not all companies remove stumps during tree removal projects. Lester’s will take down your tree and also get rid of the stump. Intricacy of the root system makes the stump the hardest part of a tree to remove. However, no matter what size or location—Tyler, Bullard or Longview, TX—we’ll get those stumps out of the ground!

Call today to find out when Lester’s Tree Service can help you say goodbye to that unwanted stump.