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Do you have trees in your yard that are dead or dying? Call Lester's for the best tree removal service around!

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Lester's can get rid of unwated stumps in no time. Call us today for professional stump grinding services.


Unruly trees can be dangerous. Call Lester's to get rid of any overhanging limbs.

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Whether you have done it yourself or we have provided the service, we will haul off any scrap from a tree project.

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trimming, grinding and removal services in Tyler, Longview, and Bullard, TX

From tree maintenance to stump grinding, Lester’s Tree Service will provide professional, honest work for an affordable price. Let Lester’s take care of that pesky lone stump in your yard and revitalize those wilting trees to create your own outdoor escape. We pride ourselves on delivering some of the best work and customer service in Bullard, TX, and surrounding areas. We are prepared to take on any size tree, stump, or lawn. With over 10 years of experience, call Lester’s for all your tree related needs to create a yard you can be proud of.

5 Ways to Keep Your Trees Healthy:

1.Much More Mulch

Adding mulch around trees can add vital temperature and oxygen stability for the tree and soil. This easy and helpful tactic will help keep your trees healthy and add a more manicured appearance to your yard.

2.Prune, Don’t Top

There is a big difference between topping and pruning your trees. By just cutting off the top of the branches, it can restrict the amount of light and nutrients the tree receives - causing it to die. By carefully pruning trees (in moderation), the tree’s structure is maintained and it can continue to properly grow. For expert pruning in Tyler, Longview, and Bullard, TX, call Lester's.

3.Prepare Trees for Winter Weather

In order to maintain tree health, they need to be attended to even in their dormant phase. By adding mulch, fertilizing, and pruning the branches, you can ensure beautiful trees when spring rolls around once again.

4.Get to know your trees

While this may seem obvious, you need to know what kind of trees you are dealing with so you can provide proper care. From evergreens to perennials, know what kind of weather or diseases can affect your trees, so you can take the proper precautions.

5.Find your Grown-Up Tree a New Home

Sometimes trees outgrow their original planting place. When trees become too big, their roots or branches can cause damage to surrounding structures or plants. The older and bigger the tree, the more assistance will be required.

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